Creative thinking


Inspired Thinking

Here at Inspired Marketing, we think outside the box on a daily basis. This allows for new ways to grow your business.

Inventive Planning

We find new methods and avenues to market your business while staying within the budget that works for your business

Creative Execution

Through our partnerships and prior experience, we can provide award winning creative works from copy to finished design.

What is Inspired Marketing?

Inspired Marketing is a unique marketing firm that specializes in contract marketing as well as marketing projects. Inspired Marketing aims to serve as the contract marketing manager for small to medium size firms in need of a marketing professional but don't have the need for someone Full Time. Going with us you can have all the benefits of a seasoned marketing director without having to have an employee on-staff! If contract marketing may be what you need to help inspired your customer and help get your marketing needs on track, contact us today! We can do more than contract marketing as well, we can help with projects, seo, events, building webpages, and more. With our sales and creative partners, we can help with all your marketing needs.

What is Inspired Photography?

Inspired Photography is the content media portion of the Inspired California. We are available for Editorial Photos, Corporate Events, Content Shots, Employee head shots, Magazine Article photos. We also have a full range of personal photography we do as well.

Inspired Marketing is a Corona, Ca based Marketing Consulting Agency that provides Inspired Thinking, Inventive Planning and Creative Execution to inspire your clients.