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Inspired Marketing is a unique concept in the consulting business. We are a holistic marketing consultant that helps move your company forward by constructing a brand strategy that takes in the whole business.  We want to convey your story, your brand, but we want to do it from the inside, as part of your team, rather than just an outside agency.

So what is our story?

Our story began with while our founder was in college, the idea that marketing was more than just a bunch of different channels thrown together, but a sum of equal parts.  In working for large and small companies over the years, she saw often what worked and what didn’t.  She saw how creativity, strategy and people all worked together.  Fast forward to the recession and after layoff after layoff, she realized there was a need in the market and a gap to fill that need.  So Inspired Marketing was born to help serve those companies that need marketing, but don’t have the bandwidth to take care of it.

Our philosophy is to invest in a company.  Invest our time to get to know their people. The company’s personality and work to create a brand strategy that uses a holistic approach and a bit of whimsy, humor and magic to move the company in the direction we want.  Marketing isn’t all numbers and data, it is an idea, through, feeling that reaches a person who needs what you are selling.  We take that idea, thought and feeling and use the tools available in the marketing world to reach that person when they need you.

At Inspired Marketing we run your marketing, so you can run your business.  Marketing is a moving target of changing times, and opportunities.  Many business managers and owners, simply don’t have the time or the where-with-all to jump on those opportunities quickly.  With Inspired Marketing, they get all the benefits of a Full Time marketing director with a full service department behind them at an outsourced cost.  We work on contract, with your budget to meet your goals. We want to know your story, and tell it to your audience?  So what is your story?

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