Single Project: Marketing Manager – Creative By Design

Marketing Manager – Creative By Design

For Creative By Design (CBD), I am the contract marketing manager.  Though CBD and Inspired Marketing are two separate companies, we join forces for our clients and actually will approach them together when the situation warrants it.  Many time, Kim, the Creative Director and Owner of CBD has called in Paige from Inspired and has had her sit in with a client meeting.  The two will talk strategy, marketing, creative, direction, etc.  The client sitting in these meetings, needs to take notes due to the overwhelming amount of ideas that get thrown around.  Kim and Paige often do coaching sessions together as well.  Most often Kim, calls Paige in for a pitch on a website for content or SEO, pubic relations, content for a magazine pitch, etc.  Most recently they both worked on the build of a new website for a local plumbing company and had a coaching session with a different company.

Paige has also helped Kim re-brand Creative By Design, add content to CBD brochures, website, and also represents CBD at the Corona Chamber of Commerce Networking Group, as well as at TEAM events and trade shows.  She does both she helps with CBS’s clients, but also helps to promote CBD itself.


So in this capacity, Paige helps Creative By Design with not only promoting CBD itself, but also helping with client projects.

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  • Client: Creative By Design
  • Date: Sep 25, 2015
  • Tags: contract marketing manager, Marketing manager, projects

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