Visual Content is king

What many people don’t realize is, is that Paige is a really good photographer.  So when visual content is needed.  She will take it upon herself for her retainer and contracted clients to go out to their job sites, office or events and take pictures to use as content.  Not just social media content – but for websites, printed materials, lectures, webinars and more! So you get a little extra when you hire Inspired Marketing, your need for a photographer just got a little easier to facilitate.

Visual content is key in the digital world.  Visual content, at least right now, gets more attention and becomes viral quicker than regular text content. The main issue is how do we get great photos and videos to use.  With Paige being a professional photographer, she has gone to job sites and taken in process photos such as below and also instructed employees on what to do to take better photos for her.

Photography can get you in the king’s court!

With Inspired Marketing, you get the added bonus of a photographer on retainer with your retainer contracts.  Otherwise you can hire Paige at her rate and she will help create the visual content you are looking for!

Career Builder 2015-14

Client EPI - Career Builder 2015-10







She has also gone to company events

SEC Christmas Party-1 SEC Christmas Party-5 SEC Christmas Party-22







Social Media Content

We also create content for social media posts as well….because well….visual content that will go viral or at least get views in necessary – so here are some of the simple things we create in house no need for an outside designer:

Print EMPLOYEE CONNECT NEWSLETTER IMAGE v3 - sized for mailchimp Visual content for social media promotion








Content for Promotions

For holiday and other promotions we can do this as well

3 for 1 CD Sale at

Vaughn Fahie _ Lovin Jazz Event Promo promotions using visual content







Product Photography

barrelshot-main barreldry-2 visual content for product photography








As you can see the ideas are limitless as to how you can use Inspired marketing to move your business forward.  To see more of Paige’s photography go check out Twisted Branch Photography.  She has a lot on there – you can view the corporate gallery for some ideas on what she can help with.