The concept of a contract marketing director seems to get lost on many people.


Serving as Marketing and Public Relations directors for years in a variety of industries has taught Paige that not all companies need an on-site marketing director, but many need someone steering the boat and making sure that the branding and messaging are on task throughout their marketing efforts inside and outside of the company.  That is where we come in.  We work remotely and help companies plan and run their marketing efforts and implement a holistic marketing approach to their companies.  Using holistic marketing to help their brand stand out among the crowd.    We run the marketing and they run the company.  That is how it works.  The best options are where Paige works as the marketing director and interacts with the press, vendors, etc on behalf of the company.  We also work with partners for different elements, to make the marketing efforts complete.

Contact me if you are in need of marketing – We can help with a project, some coaching or running your marketing!