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I started Inspired Marketing to fill a gap in the market where small to mid-size firms were in need a marketing manager but really just need one full-time.  In most cases they are left with hiring an assistant or coordinator who knows a bit about marketing, but not running a department, or they have them there full-time but the work load often takes on “other tasks” that slowly consume their time.  In most cases having a contract marketing manager to come in and take on the roll of running the department would solve the task.

The role of a marketing director is one of several hats. Marketing and promotion are a dynamic and ever evolving program within a company. As opportunities arise, the marketing director must be able to shift gears and capitalize on those opportunities all the while maintaining on-going programs and meeting deliverables.  Thus, as your consultant I will take on the role of contract marketing director to make sure that the programs for the company can shift and move as need be, to keep the ball rolling and increase awareness and thus market share and sales. I will work with the staff to assist them in their needs and also to familiarize myself with the company, corporate structure, market place and competition to ensure that all of us work together in concert to meet corporate goals. I will do all the things a marketing director does, I will work on the development and production of print materials, handle the website, apparel, yearly calendar, media planning, trade show plans, managing of on-going promotional programs, working with vendors, etc.

For example for over a year I have been the contract marketing manager for  Arizona Driver Magazine.  I am helping revamp the magazine and have been doing so for sometime.  The magazine HQ is in Arizona.  I am in California.  I make calls, send emails, send packages all as the marketing director. I have my own email account, business cards and the rate cards, editorial calendar, everything has me listed as the MD.  It works.  He doesn’t need someone FT and I do the job for him.

I am also the contract marketing manager for a company in San Fernando called Environments Plus, Inc. I am their marketing department and handle all duties as such, but they don’t require my services FT.

Another example is I contract with folks to handle projects for them.  Handle their email marketing campaigns, social media, help with strategy or coaching and that is it.  It works, however it can be a little constraining when opportunities arise, but it still works.

What Inspired Marketing had done for EPI is to pull together our team with a marketing focus. To work with all areas of our company and produce a marketing plan and implement it. They built on top of our existing ideas to make a solid brand across the board. From website to communication to clients and potential clients. Our reach has increase 10 fold. Our brand has grown. Because of this our client retention has improved and our sales have improved. What is clear is its much easier to make a sale now.
Operations Director,