Single Project: Contract Marketing Manager – O2 Concepts

Contract Marketing Manager – O2 Concepts

In 2014 Inspired Marketing was hired to be the contract marketing manager for O2 Concepts and help with the marketing while the new CEO took his place at the helm of the company.  We immediately jumped in.


Initiatives for the company included:

  • Advertising and Media Campaign
  • Media Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Media Purchase
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing Materials and Collateral Creation
  • Ad Development and Placement Opportunities (offline)


Media Placement  Success

Paige has a long history of working with on and offline publications.  She used to be an editor for several different automotive industry magazines.  Also during her time working in the different industries she was in she purchased everything from billboards, to newspaper and magazine, to broadcast placement.  (tv, radio and cable) Using that knowledge, she immediately dove in and started a media campaign for O2

  • Paige successfully negotiated annual purchasing contract with three major trade magazines that included editorial content as well.
  • She worked with the creative agency and provided all of the copy for the created ads.
  • She interfaced directly with the account reps, editors and writers to ensure great ad placement and editorial placement as well
  • She also negotiated trade show editorial and ad placement for the company.

Social Media Successes

To help reach a larger B2C target audience,  Paige worked on their social media efforts and gave them a major makeover. She created the Twitter account. She sought out followers, created the Twitter account header, created the posts and increased not only engagement, but also followers and overall engagement with their audience.  In all we updated imagery, copy, posting and engagement frequency.  She also took over their Linked In and Facebook accounts. She Increased followers, likes and engagement in both vehicles.  We created custom content,

  • An increase in Facebook fan presence
  • Increase on impressions on Twitter
  • Unique impressions on LinkedIn
  • Built the follower base on Twitter
  • Increased engagement in all social media channels.

Project Description

  • Client:
  • Date: Jan 28, 2016
  • Tags: advertising, media, media placement, social media

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