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Inspired Thinking, Inventive Planning and Creative Execution

Inspired Marketing’s goal is to provide Holistic Marketing Programs to our customers.

Marketing takes many different forms in any business, but one thing remains true of marketing, it is the life’s blood of any business.   Have you ever pondered?

  • How do I target my audience?
  • How do I run this marketing more efficiently?
  • Do you have time to do it?
  • Where are my customers?
  • What marketing channels work best?
  • How does social media, email marketing, SEO work?

There is a lot to promoting a business and if your business isn’t in the business of marketing, you need someone who is in the business of marketing, to promote your business, so you can run your business.

How does it work?

Inspired Marketing will help you by acting as your marketing director handling your marketing for you. We each have over 25 years of individual experience in building and running marketing successful marketing and sales departments. We will provide you with all of the tools and resources of a full department, but at an outsourced price.


  • Lower Costs
  • Higher Yield
  • Time Efficiency
  • The minutia of running your marketing is removed and you get inspired!
  • We are your business partner not just an outside vendor.

We start by looking at your company holistically and determine the following:

  • media channels
  • target markets
  • direction
  • promotional materials
  • creative direction

More importantly we look at your business and listen to where you want your marketing to go and use our knowledge of marketing, design, and sales to create a brand strategy for your business.

A marketing department needs to create a holistic approach and we develop a media mix that uses different tools to create a complete strategy. These tools may include:

Already have some solutions in place?  If you have a web-designer, CRM, email marketing, social media in place – we can simply take over interfacing with these providers and let you get back to business.

Finally – we are here for you. Marketing can be expensive and illusive, we can help. We can help you move your business forward. Drop us a line to find out how Inspired Marketing can help make your marketing become inspired!

Service Areas:

Based out of Southern California, we are able to work remotely anywhere!

Inspired Marketing — Inspired Thinking, Inventive Planning and Creative Execution

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