What our customers are saying

Paige is a brilliant product manager. She is creative and understands the essence of product development, product management, & the marketing & sales aspect of products. She is very qualified, experienced, & capable of having great success in marketing & sales.
Ken Blankenhorn, CEO, Desiccare, Inc
I've had the pleasure of working with Paige while she was the Owner/Team Manager at Team Donahoe. We were one of the sponsors of their race team and as a sponsor we look for returns on our investment as a key indicator of value we receive. With Paige's marketing expertise, I can say that our ROI was off the charts and sponsoring their team was one of the best investments we've made. Paige's marketing experience/expertise and her photography experience would be a huge asset to anybody working with her.
Michael DeHass, Chairman/CEO, KC Hilites, Inc
I have hired Paige twice. Both times with the objective of making something happen without worrying about having to clean up a mess. In both situations she delivered very positive results. The first job was to support a consumer trade show with news releases. In the first few years of this show our marketing objective was to develop a pull strategy with both existing and prospective exhibitors. Although our trade show company was small, we believed that with the right communications program we could convert our exhibitors to our sales force. The work product Paige generated proved to be an integral element in our success in achieving our objective. Her quality work made a difference. The second time I hired Paige was to work with the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame in developing a fund raiser. The event was to be a Silent Auction of high value memorabilia from the off-road racing community. Paige demonstrated that when it comes to telephone work and tapping into relationships, there are no equals. She produced an impressive array of donated auction items through her ability to go right to work in contacting key individuals, and helping them see the merits of donating high value personal or historically significant items for auction. Both times I have hired Paige she has gone straight to work with what some might call an “old school” ethic. She takes responsibility for results, takes action to accomplish the objective, and follows the process through to the end. I believe the most important characteristic that sets Paige above the crowd is her ability to create and keep relationships with media, marketing, and industry leaders. My experiences with Paige have shown me that she has the trust and the confidence of many editorial professionals and marketing leaders in the off-road aftermarket industry.
Bob Bower, Owner, The Bower Group, A Professional Training, Coaching & Mentoring Consultancy
Paige first came to my attention as MOB Media was pitching the Mall of Orange way back in the 90s. Even then, she struck me as someone who had a great head for business and marketing. We stole Paige away from the mall and she became a great asset to MOB Media as a marketer and account executive. She's always on top of her projects, totally understands the bigger picture yet is able to deal with the details as well. Paige has the knowledge of being on both sides of the aisle, first as a marketing director then as a agency guru. I highly recommend Paige to anyone looking for a well-rounded employee in these times when you have to be able to do more than one thing!
Paul Otis, Chief Executive Officer MOB Media, Inc.