Welcome to Inspired Marketing!  We are a small marketing firm that is designed to do what many agencies don’t or can’t….run your marketing efforts as a core member of your team.  The goal of Inspired Marketing is to provide marketing solutions for any company that needs marketing help.  Paige Donahoe, owner of Inspired Marketing,  has been everything in a marketing department from an intern to the V.P of Marketing.  Paige has her my degree in marketing, and began her career as  Assistant Marketing Director at The Beverly Center and kept growing in her career all the way to VP through several different marketing departments running their entire marketing efforts.   The business world has changed, along with the economy and the world in general. Many companies nowadays are running lean, so lean that their ability to have a Full Time marketing manager on staff is difficult.  That is where Inspired Marketing can help, we can provide the direction, brain storming, planning, execution and respond to opportunities without the demands of an agency or large consultancy handing over their heads.  Paige can help coordinate efforts with your social media team, advertising, etc or provide the service for you.  Inspired Marketing’s main aim is to make sure that your marketing efforts are effective for YOU!

Since we are new, this webpage is a work in progress, so along with this website we also have a Facebook Page. For more information on how we got started check out our About Us Page.