Customer Service – the ubiquitous term that everyone throws around in business – but you don’t truly pay attention to until you have to encounter it.  Today it took me 4 times to get the service I wanted to order cable. One customer service person, I thought for certain was going to fall asleep.  One could barely type English (That was a chat) Finally after taking a 3 hour break of dealing with this – I got to R.J. an affable young man out of San Antonio, who knew I was frustrated.  He helped a ton, was super knowledgeable and got me a better price than the other 3.   So 4 tries and I got it – it should not have taken 4 tries.  The chat was the first one to loose me, the second I had to hang up and call back, the 3rd seriously didn’t know what on earth she was doing.  RJ saved the day. That has happened more than once to me – where one Customer Service person has to undo what the other one did.

What is the point?  Customers can be lost one the phone dealing with someone who doesn’t have all the answers or seems like they hate their job!  Make sure anyone dealing with customers is on-point so you retain your customer and don’t loose them.

I was dealing with an Oligopoly – but coming in as someone who only streamed their TV – it was a tougher sell – they needed to make me happy – not have to work to find the right person to fill and order.

Just my $02