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Digital Marketing with a Holistic Emphasis

Recently, Paige was asked to speak in Austin, TX on Digital Marketing.  She focused on how marketing is more than a website, social media, brochure, etc. That everything in the company must work together and point back to the brand of the company.  The brand is the cornerstone and the pieces taht make-up the brand from the website, to the […]

Featured Photographer In Chamber Magazine

Inspired Marketing and Photography made the front page!   Well we took the photograph on the cover of the Corona Chamber Magazine, call the Corona Chamber Guide for 2016-17!  We worked with Creative By Design, who was in charge of designing the magazine and took several pictures for them and had a list of pictures they wanted to see.  Paige took the […]

Customer Service

Customer Service – the ubiquitous term that everyone throws around in business – but you don’t truly pay attention to until you have to encounter it.  Today it took me 4 times to get the service I wanted to order cable. One customer service person, I thought for certain was going to fall asleep.  One could barely type English (That […]

Social Media…what is it…really?

Social Media – the newest industry buzz word.  Just like with the dot com era and the SEO buzz word, the newest greatest buzz word in marketing is social media.  Everyone needs to be on “social media”, but what the heck does that mean?  Social media was started to connect people to people but it has emerged as a marketing […]